Thursday, September 10, 2015

What I want from an ad network

There’s been a lot of fuss made recently about the inclusion (or possibility of inclusion) of ad-blockers in iOS9, and what that might mean for the web as a whole. On the one hand, no one wants a Flash ad banner that morphs into a dinosaur and then rampages across the screen and up onto the companion skyscraper ad**; on the other hand, ads do pay for most of the content on the web that we, as consumers, get for free. It’s  the Faustian pact of the web.

So, thinking about this, and my responsibility, as a nice chap, to accept ads as the price for free content, I came up with this (totally impractical) solution.

I would happily accept adverts on the proviso that I could log in to the ad serving network behind the ads, and:

1. View all of the ads that I have been served
2. View all of the sites I have visited (as recorded by them)
3. Modify what content I want to see (no more car ads)
4. Wipe all of my stored data (even if that was restricted to once per month)

Is that too much to ask?

** Of course you do - agencies, you can have this idea for free, no royalties required

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