Saturday, December 01, 2012

Testing HTML emails

Someone asked me yesterday if I could send the contents of an HTML file as an HTML-formatted email to a client, as they wanted to see what it looked like. Sending HTML emails is usually something that's either done through an online service (MailChimp et al.) or from the internals of a platform build where you (as a dev) have access to templates and SMTP servers and all that that entails.

Just sending a file as an HTML-formatted email is surprisingly hard to do (i.e. you can't type raw HTML into your email client and have it render in the recipient's inbox.)

So I put a script together to do it -

It requires Python (it's a Python script), but runs from the command line, thus:

$ python --filename='test_file.html'

It runs through Gmail's SMTP service, so you will need a Gmail account - and you'll be prompted for your email and password when you run the script.

Feel free to use, feedback, fork, etc.


I have recently come across the service mailtrap (, which is a brilliant companion to this sort of solution. Mailtrap operates an SMTP service that doesn't go anywhere. Sound crazy, but it's great - you set up an account, get a set of SMTP credentials, and then everything you send to that server gets parked in the Mailtrap inbox - where you can see the emails received as HTML, plain text and even source. Try it out.

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