Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Government is “joining up”– be afraid!

Today I applied online for a new driving licence – and as part of the process I was warned that the photo they had on record for me was only valid for a further six months. However, when I put in my passport number it found the photo I had scanned in when I got my new passport a few weeks previously. I was asked if I would like to use that instead – as it was valid for the next ten years.

Aside from the great user experience (from a Government website no less), this points to two things:

  1. There is now inter-department “joined-up” Government
  2. I now have a de facto identity card – whether it’s physical or not

The ramifications of this are enormous, and - in conjunction with recent treasury annoucement re. the combining of tax and national insurance – we are closing in on a time when the Government might have a “single customer record” – which is not necessarily a good thing.

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