Sunday, March 27, 2011

Color may have something to it after all…

I was at an event on Thursday evening at @TechHub and the host for the evening invited everyone there to install Color and at least give it a go before wading in to the “$41m for what?” debate. His teaser was quite an interesting one – by firing up Color on his phone he was able to see photos coming in from the party upstairs, and by commenting on the photos (i.e. socialising) he got himself invited to the party.

Edge-case or mainstream – not sure, but it did at least counter the “wtf would I want to share photos with people I’m already in room with” argument.

(NB I still think $41m is absurd, and we are definitely in a bubble – Color may not be, but we’re only one high-profile flop from dotcom 2.0)

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