Wednesday, June 02, 2010

BBC homepage issues – is CouchDB the culprit?

Some of you may have noticed that the BBC Homepage now has a small notice in it:

BBC homepage screenshot I know that the BBC homepage is one of the key case studies in production use of CouchDB, and the message here (in the comments), suggests that load is the problem:

As I described in an earlier blog post, the new BBC homepage has been built on a whole new technical architecture. Since launching we’ve found an issue with the service we use to save users’ customisation settings. Although we ran a public beta for more than 2 months, this problem only became apparent when we moved the whole audience across to the new site, increasing the load on the platform 20 times. Despite thorough load testing before launch we were unable to accurately predict the type and combination of customisations that users would perform, and as a result we now need to re-architect the way we save your homepage customisation settings in a more efficient way.”

Let’s hope it’s solved, and soon.


Enrique Henny said...

Thank you for let the world now about the problem. I was trying to google an answer with no success until your post. I hope BBC will fix it soon.

Hugo Rodger-Brown said...

It looks like this has now been fixed - according to another post here