Wednesday, April 07, 2010

User interface design – rollover options

Just a very quick post about user interface design. I love Twitter from a UX point of view – particularly the “More” concept (no more paging), but I wanted to pick out something else that it seems to have pioneered – the use of hidden controls.

The Twitter interface is kept very clean by having no interaction controls (retweet, reply, etc.) visible until you mouse over a particular tweet. It’s a very simple, very neat solution to a perennial problem, and YouTube seem to have taken their lead (see screenshots below). Facebook has eschewed this approach, and has links for “Comment, Like, Add as Friend” on each post.

Twitter stream (showing rollover options):Screenshot of Twitter stream showing rollover optionsYouTube comments (showing rollover options)Screenshot of YouTube comments showing rollover optionsFacebook stream options:Screenshot of Facebook stream showing rollover options

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