Wednesday, April 07, 2010

SEO handbook – Notable app SEO report

Looking around for something to allow for online collaboration for designers (Basecamp+, allowing annotation of designs), I came across Notable (, which looks just the job. Not only can you upload designs, you can import them direct from a URL, or “clip” them using the Firefox browser plug-in.

Better still, if you do upload the HTML source, it not only gives you a screenshot of the page design to annotate, but it provides a very neat SEO report – see below for its review of the Wired HTC HD2 review:

notable_seo_report_wired This is a great one page report, and well worth signing up to Notable for.


Unknown said...

Check out Colaab (

Hugo Rodger-Brown said...

I've signed up to it, but can't log in, in any browser. I've reset my password, and that doesn't make any difference. There's no feedback at all (invalid password, anything).

Hugo Rodger-Brown said...

OK - so now I can log in - but am going to write a separate post on why I couldn't - and what that means for Silverlight adoption - as my mother is never going to work out how to debug an application and then re-enable local storage within Silverlight!

Hugo Rodger-Brown said...

Don't like it - UI is too complicated. Notable is better.