Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iPad apps that impress

I’m not a fan, but I have now seen some iPad apps that impress. If you do own one, and want to show it off, try one of these:

Gap1969 – this is a really good ecommerce example, with great no-boundary scrolling – the entire shop is on one screen, and you just zoom around in all directions. Not sure how usable it is long-term, but it’s a great start.

Alice – this has already received a lot of online press – and deservedly so. You might not want to sit down for two hours to read a book on the iPad, but this example of an animated book/app is outstanding. If I had kids, this alone would make me buy one.

Toy Story – I guess it helps if you own Pixar, but again this is outstanding. It looks like interactive kids books are the run away success so far (comics look great on the iPad as well).

Dr. Seuss can’t be far behind.

(I’ll keep the list updated as I come across more).

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