Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FreeAgent + GetSatisfaction = Happy Customer

I’ve started using FreeAgent to manage consultancy projects (thanks Glyn), and it’s a fantastic product – it does exactly what it needs to do, it’s incredibly flexible – you can use it to manage cashflow, timesheets, invoicing, tax/IR reminders etc.

When backfilling some detail this morning I realised that I had no billing rate set up against a project, and no obvious way of adding it in. (It was only for completeness – as FreeAgent allows you to edit the invoice in situ it doesn’t matter if fields aren’t set up correctly to begin with – which is how it should be – use the data input to guide the user, without boxing them in.)

FreeAgent uses GetSatisfaction for their feedback, so I figured instead of trying to work out how to set the billing rate, I’d just ask. Lo and behold, I received an answer within five minutes of posting the question – GetSatisfaction is as good at managing feedback as FreeAgent is at managing small business finance – together they make for a very happy customer. No hunting through the FAQs, no “” black hole – just a great customer experience, from start to end.

Thank you both, and if you’re a contractor / small business struggling with finance, use FreeAgent, and if you’re looking for a feedback management service (used to be called CRM) take a look at GetSatisfaction.

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