Monday, April 19, 2010

Doing Things Right (#DTR)

Today I’m starting a movement called “Doing Things Right” in response to the success of the Getting Things Done (GTD) movement.

Doing Things Right means exactly what it says. The low-hanging fruit that I’m using to kick off the movement is HTML development. As I’ve mentioned here before, everyone involved in web development should understand two things before anything else – the basics of the HTTP protocol, and how to format good HTML. 

Any web development team should have someone who is held responsible for ensuring that the HTML emitted by any dynamic server-side code (.NET, Java, Python, PHP, RoR, doesn’t matter what technology is used) is not only well-formed, but semantically meaningful. (And at the same time, let’s all hope that Webforms get caught in the cross-fire.)

I’ll keep a list here of references to good practice, and will mark any Twitter posts that are relevant with #DTR.

First off is this link to the POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML) wiki -, which is a great place to start. I would also call out this article (referenced from the POSH article) - – which is a great walkthrough of the steps taken to migrate from lazy HTML to good HTML.

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