Saturday, March 27, 2010

SEO 101 (pt 2) – anatomy of an HTML page

  • Click here for part 1 – how search works

SEO isn’t only about the structure of your HTML pages – site structure, URL composition, HTTP response codes and PageRank** all count too – but the heart of any search engine is the indexing of HTML content.

It’s all too easy these days to auto-generate a boilerplate web page and then extend it  with content, but ignoring the structure will come back to bite you, if SEO is important to your business.

Below is a (very) simple guide to the basics – and if you need to go deeper than this, check out Google’s own documentation.

 Sample HTML page, illustrating SEO elements In summary: every part of the page is important, and even if we don’t know exactly how Google treats the contents, we do know that they reward those who pay attention to detail.

  • Click here for part 3 – the search results page

** There is some debate on the web as to how significant this is these days, something which Google themselves seem to endorse -

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