Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ecommerce Stakeholders – Mindmap available

I’ve published another Mindmeister mindmap, this time on the subject of “Ecommerce Stakeholders” -

When working on a large ecommerce deployment, it’s all too easy to concentrate on the problem(s) right in front of you – i.e. how to hit the deadline – at the expense of the bigger picture. Ecommerce websites often exist within a complex corporate structure that includes legal, financial and marketing functions amongst others, and not engaging with these groups at the earliest opportunity is a very easy shortcut to take. If you do take this shortcut, be prepared to repent at your leisure, as the finance department will gladly can your launch rather than letting it go ahead without sufficient testing.

All of the stakeholders should be included in the entire lifecycle, from requirements gathering to final pre-launch testing and sign-off (sign-off being critical in terms of stakeholder management – people need to understand what they’re getting, and how to determine when it’s ready to go).

Of course this works both ways – it would be nice sometimes if the marketing department could wait until the site is built before launching their $$$ advertising campaign, but such is life.

Anyway – it’s public, so please use and update as you wish.

Ecommerce stakeholders mindmap

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