Thursday, March 04, 2010

Basecamp Visualisations

Looking at the Microsoft Labs Pivot project, it occurred to me that there are some nice visualisations you could make out of Basecamp data – project activity over time, cut by project type, company, person etc. Not sure what the point would be, or what the pictures would represent (screenshots?), but that can come later.

Having downloaded my Basecamp data (see previous post), I’m going to try and put something together. I’ll post here when I’m done (don’t wait up, I may be some time.)

[Update: in case anyone was wondering, it looks like the heavy lifting can be done by a simple XSL transform from the Basecamp export XML format to the Pivot Collection XML (CXML) format – described here. Getting the images to show is another matter.]

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The Davis Family said...

Cool thoughts to use the pivot stuff. We're working on some simple XSL capabilities in Centripetal's backup to be able to view the data, we've been playing with some types of visualization of things ourselves, but this stuff looks pretty cool as well.

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