Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I’ve had a post on crowd-sourcing in mind for a few weeks, but I couldn’t quite work out what I wanted to say (other than it being all the rage). I’ve been talking to a number of clients recently who have expressed interest in getting closer to their customers.

Then I came across this article on a startup called secretlondon - .

Once I’d recovered from the irritation of seeing someone succeed before they’ve got their first job, I decided to take a look, and as an example of the power of crowd-sourcing it’s quite interesting.

The idea came out of a Facebook group (, and the founders are now looking to build out a dedicated website (

They have used 99designs to outsource the design of the logo (

They are starting the site development by publicising how they are intending to build it (, and appealing for help from the community (and being quite successful to judge from the comments).

And finally, the source code for the site is on GitHub (, and therefore public.

There’s basically nothing private or proprietary about it – it’s even more Wikipedia than Wikipedia – even the idea has been open-sourced.

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