Friday, December 18, 2009

Who invented the Service Bus?

I’m listening to the Scott Hanselman / Udi Dahan podcast (here) on NServiceBus, and they are just discussing how the service bus model could be applied at the application level, and should not be dismissed as just an Enterprise design pattern (around 14 mins in).

This took me back to the time that James and I were working on an eVB (!?!) application for field engineers using old Windows CE mobile devices. We came unstuck with MSMQ eventually (too long to go into here), but not before we found a use for it in passing messages between multiple eVB applications running on the same device.

Can we lay claim to having invented the Service Bus (this was around ten years ago – when the internet was still 0.9, and the only clouds were in the sky, blocking out the sun)?

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