Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google-ising (pt 2)

So I’ve now visited the London branch of the Chocolate Factory and can confirm it’s everything you’d hope for; good spots include someone sitting in a deckchair working, another in a massage chair, and a Segway parked up on the fourth floor.

All joking aside, the most interesting part was the relationship between sales and engineering. As explained (by a sales person, and without irony) in the lift on the way up, sales and marketing are on the bottom floor, below engineering, both physically and metaphorically. This was backed up by the reverential awe with which we were introduced to a real live Google coder, who could only spend 30 minutes with us before being stolen away by another sales team.

A fascinating couple of hours inside the machine, unfortunately just hours before they were all presented with their new phones, so I can’t confirm anything about their existence or otherwise.

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