Monday, October 19, 2009

“Polyglot Persistence”

As I cycled home this evening I was thinking to myself that perhaps a mixed-database environment might be the best approach. I was trying to work out how I would re-engineer our platform given the opportunity, and it’s clear that whilst some areas are ripe for the NoSQL upgrade, others, notably transaction tables, audit logs etc., are much better suited to strongly-typed relational databases.

As with everything I seem to do at the moment, I’m definitely a follower, as no sooner had I fired up my browser than I came across the following:

It’s a great article, articulate and intelligent, so go read it…

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Hugo Rodger-Brown said...

Thinking a little more about this, logging is something that is better suited to nosql than sql - as you will always want to extend a log schema to add more information. This article seeems to concur - MongoDB is fantastic for logging.