Friday, May 06, 2005

Visual disk space manager

Just installed DiskView from Vyooh - which looks like a great visual explorer tool that shows where all that HDD space has gone. It plugs-in to explorer itself, which makes it much more accessible that separate space manager apps.

MSFT -= vapourware

Interesting quote from Rich Turner's blog today:
"Microsoft explicitly does not claim to have a SOA. We do not subscribe to the notions of SOA and do not refer to any of our products as SOA. We do strongly subscribe to the notions of SO as abstract guidance and goals for building distributed systems. We have a broad range of powerful products, technologies and services which can be used to construct sophisticated, powerful, efficient solutions ... but we don't have a SOA because we don't believe such a thing exists, and if it is, its too poorly defined for us to adopt."

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Services and Indigo blog

Just discovered Rich Turner's blog on all things Indigo, including an excellent discussion on the ESB, SOA, ... landscape. Well worth reading.