Monday, February 07, 2005


A common operation within maps is to inject a default value into the output schema if the the input field is blank / missing, otherwise just copy over the value.

This is a bit of a nightmare using the standard Logical Existance functoid, and is much more easily accomplished using inline C#. Simply added a script functoid, connect the input field as the first parameter, add a second parameter set to the default value, then use the following function:

public string IfThenElse(string param1, string param2)
return (param1 == null || param1.Length == 0) ? param2 : param1;

Then simply connect the output of this script functoid to your output field.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, your solution does not work.

Its VERY wierd that the logical exist functoid cant return a false.

Anonymous said...

Let me elaborate, it doesnt work if the node doesnt exist in some shape or form in the source document.