Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Virtually perfect?

I'm thinking of rebuilding my machine to the bare minimum, installing VMWare (or V'Server), and basically running the whole time as a virtual machine. The question is whether my machine is powerful enough to run VS.NET within a virtual machine, and whether V'ware is reliable enough?
Surely the time has nearly come when all machines run as virtual machines within a shell OS container? Storage is so cheap that you can backup entire images, giving instant rebuilds. You could even keep your own image on a DVD (well, almost), and take it with you.

Which is, I guess, where this is going? It's an interesting concept - you could run a series of locked down OS for different purposes. As a contractor this is particularly interesting - clients could issue an OS image that would allow someone to VPN / access corporate email, etc.

You could become a virtual employee of a number of different client companies, and if they wanted a day or two's work, you could just boot up the Xyz plc image, and you're already there. It could happen. Really.

On next week's show... Hugo commutes to work in his personal rocket ship. Before travelling back in time to fix his grades, then spending the weekend on Titan.

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