Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone - I for one am hoping for a bit more stability in 2005 - 2004 included 3 different jobs, and 2 months without work, which is not so good for the nerves.

2005 is the year of:

1. The Digital Home - I've been talking about getting properly wired (or wireless) for a while now, and even thought about setting up my own business in this area about 18 months ago (as I was finding it so difficult to get any useful, impartial, advice), and I could do with upgrading my existing TV, which has recently decided to revert to black & white pictures only.

In addition to the Sky+, DVD-R / PVR, Apple iTV, Windows MCE options, here are another couple to look out for:

2. Get fitter, and pref. stop commuting. Travelling to work on the train for much of 2004 has proved my undoing.

3. Go on more holidays. I don't have enough of them, and I never plan them in advance.

4. Ski more. I love it, and don't do nearly enough. No new contracts in Feb / March thank you :-)

Have a great year everyone.

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