Monday, December 06, 2004


I don't know about anyone else using Blogger, but I find it extremely unreliable (albeit free, so I shouldn't really complain.)

I often compose postings only to click on Publish, and find that my session has timed out in the background (?), and my posting (some of which can be quite long) is fired into a black hole, never to return. A particular problem is the Ctl+S save option, which seems to do nothing else but consume my nascent wisdom.

The only solution seems to be to write postings in notepad, then copy and paste into the create box until it finally agrees to publish?

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Unknown said...

Hugo, check out MSN spaces, - I've just created one to play about with and the admin side of it is you can post to it from your phone!

I am also disappointed with Blogger performance - usually slow and often offline or has a problem connecting and I've lost more than one post myself! Check out "Spaces" - quite painless to set up and seems to run ok