Monday, November 08, 2004

Smartphone update

I've installed the Jeyo Mobile Extender software so that I can now send / receive SMS from my desktop when my Smartphone is connected. I've been using the Mobile Companion, which is a great bit software, so hopefully it'll prove it's worth (it's only $14.95, which at today's exchange rate makes it practically free for UK users :-)) - I've also downloaded the Personalizer software, which I'll report back on when I get a chance to play.

Whilst on the Smartphone subject, time for a few gripes. First and foremost - I can't find a way to send contact details via SMS (only to "beam" them via IrDa / BT), which is related to the second gripe - it appears as if the SMS stack doesn't understand vCards. This lack of standard phone functionality is a huge hole IMHO, and so I'm still giving M$ the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that it's just my stupidity in not understanding how to do it.

1 comment:

Keni Barwick said...

Send contact via SMS sorted :)

vCards... Well, not yet ;)