Friday, October 22, 2004

Synchronicity part 2

The synchronisation experiment has not been a great success. As many might have predicted events and contacts are uploaded / downloaded in some apparently random manner, causing everyone's birthdays to be duplicated every time I sync Plaxo, and contacts on my phone to be deleted by ActiveSync. It's infuriating that this problem still plagues PIM software.

Anyone I've met in the last three months has been wiped, including the electrician who's currently rewiring my flat, in my absence!

I do however, have a fairly complete set of info on Plaxo, sync'd to my home and work desktops. Adding in the Smartphone causes a few headaches, but things are definitely better than they were.


Stacy Martin said...

Hugo - It's not clear to me if your sync'ing problems are related to Plaxo, but I might suggestion you contact our Plaxo Customer Care Department to see if they may be able to assist you.

There is a link on our Support's home page ( to submit a question. Perhaps this is something they may be able to help with.

Stacy Martin
Plaxo Privacy Officer
privacy @t

Hugo Rodger-Brown said...

Thanks Stacy - I think I'll leave it for the moment, as I've got most things sorted now.
I have turned on diagnostic logging however, just out of interest, so maybe that'll turn up something?

Hugo Rodger-Brown said...

Update to the previous comment - I've found a couple interesting logs in the Plaxo directory structure. There's a top-level plaxo.log, which is function-level diagnostic logging, but if you delve deeper into \\Plaxo\Users\..\Outlook you'll find Contacts.log, which has contact-level logging (changes to contacts).
Further than that, and the ContactLogs folder contains a number of *.dat files (one per contact), which can be read in notepad, each containing contact-specific changes.