Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Grumpy old men, and computers

Whilst in Cambridge (see previous post) I'm staying with my parents in Suffolk. Last night I had to watch "Grumpy Old Men" on the tv - my father's new favourite programme, and of course the subject of computers came up, and how superfluous they are to daily life. I *think* I was expected to put up a spirited defence of them at some point, but instead I started thinking about the different ways in which people use them.

I hardly ever use my computer recreationally. I don't play games, I don't edit photos, I don't download music, I don't do my own accounts, write letters to the local paper, or study for a correspondance course at the Open University. In fact, when I'm not working with it, my home computer is really only used to store stuff (photos (unedited) off my digital camera, music ripped off my own CDs, contacts, calendar etc., etc.) It's basically a large virtual filing cabinet, which makes the demise of the Martian Netdrive all the more tragic.

For those of you who never saw this, for a brief moment in time a couple of years ago a company called Martian was selling a wireless, 'silent', hard drive, that you just plug in to the mains, and leave in a cupboard somewhere. Unfortunately it never really took off, and I believe they now work with OEMs rather than selling direct. Surely its time has come?

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